Senior Scramble

Join Calderone Golf Club for our weekly Senior Scramble, every Monday morning from April 22 to September 23 (Off Memorial Day & Labor Day). With tee times running from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM, there are plenty of opportunities to get a tee time. Cost is $35 ($10 for Members), which covers 18-holes of golf with cart, coffee, continental breakfast, and all applicable prizes. All players may purchase a 'Senior Special' lunch, which includes a hot dog or sandwich, chips, and draft beer or non-alcoholic beverage at a price of just $5.

For each entry, $7 goes directly into the prize pot. Payouts are:

  • 1/2 goes towards Skins
  • 1/2 goes towards Front 9, Back 9, Total and 'Crows Nest' winners.
  • Closest to Pins on all Par 3s will receive a sleeve of golf balls of your choice.

We are looking forward to yet another fun-filled season! To sign your two-person team up, contact us today!

Weekly Results

Week: May 20, 2024

We had 65 players for this week's Senior Scramble. We had an amazing FOUR skins this week, including multiple hole outs! Keep in mind, there will be no Senior Scramble next Monday, May 27 due to Memorial Day, we will see everyone back on June 3. The winners are listed below:

Prize Money ($55 each):
* Front 9 - Hollandsworth/Picklesimer (29)
* Back 9 - McEldowney/Zech (31)
* Total - McEldowney/Zech (63)
* Crow's Nest - Risner/Marvin (71)
Closest To Pins (Sleeve of Balls):
* 2 - Peters
* 8 - Wallace
* 15 - Looper
* 17 - Seely
Skins ($58.75 each):
* 3 - Jordan/Nelson (eagle)
* 7 - Duesing/Drevitch (eagle)
* 10 - Snyder/Dakin (eagle)
* 13 - Frinkle/Litteral (eagle)

Week: May 13, 2024

We had 66 players for this week's Senior Scramble. The winners are listed below:

Prize Money ($57 each):
* Front 9 - Pond/Looper (32)
* Back 9 - Pelham/Wallace (30)
* Total - Pond/Looper (63)
* Crow's Nest - Pelton/Pelton (71)
Closest To Pins (Sleeve of Balls):
* 2 - Peters
* 8 - Rasmussen
* 15 - Policht
* 17 - Wohlgamuth
Skins ($117 each):
* 1 - Policht/Obey (eagle)
* 6 - Butler/Willnow (eagle)

Week: May 6, 2024

We had 76 players for this week's Senior Scramble. There was a lot of great golf played today, but the highlight was an eagle on the opening hole by the team of Jordan & Morrill to claim the only skin. The winners are listed below:

Prize Money ($65 each):
* Front 9 - Davis/Wohlgamuth (30)
* Back 9 - Policht/Obey (30)
* Total - Quitiquit/Honour (62)
* Crow's Nest - Fabian/Wolcott (71)
Closest To Pins (Sleeve of Balls):
* 2 - Mitchell
* 8 - B. Beer
* 15 - Obey
* 17 - Gunder
Skins ($272 each):
* 1 - Jordan/Morrill (eagle)

Week: April 29, 2024

We had 64 players for this week's Senior Scramble. The winners are listed below:

Prize Money ($56 each):
* Front 9 - Davis/Wohlgamuth (31)
* Back 9 - Frinkle/Litteral (31)
* Total - Davis/Wohlgamuth (63)
* Crow's Nest - Pelham/Smith (71)
Closest To Pins (Sleeve of Balls):
* 2 - Gunder
* 8 - Hollandsworth
* 15 - Vitale
* 17 - Coghlin
Skins ($224 each):
* 13 - Hollandsworth/Picklesimer (eagle)

Week: April 22, 2024

We had 60 players for the opening Senior Scramble of the 2024 season. We had some great scores this week, everyone must have taken advantage of the beautiful weather this Spring to get some practice rounds in! This week's winners are listed below:

Prize Money ($50 each):
* Front 9 - Zeller/West (29)
* Back 9 - Zeller/West (31)
* Total - Zeller/West (60)
* Crow's Nest - Fox/Kenworthy (70)
Closest To Pins (Sleeve of Balls):
* 2 - Whisman
* 8 - Foley
* 15 - Rasmussen
* 17 - Fugere
Skins ($55 each):
* 1 - Zeller/West (eagle)
* 5 - Vitale/Stevenson (eagle)
* 6 - Zeller/West (eagle)
* 11 - McAtee/Lightner (birdie)

Week: Senior Scramble 9/25/2023

We stayed dry for our final Senior Scramble and had a nice field of 76 players. Thank you!! Congratulations to Jeff Wallace for his amazing Hole in one on #8!

This weeks winners:

Front 9: Zeller/West -31 ($50)

Back 9: Horstman/Davis- 32 t.b. ($50)

Totals: Horstman/Davis- 64 ($50)

Crows Nest: Latka/Wilcox -71 t.b. ($50)

Skins: 3 worth $66 each

1-Paul Gunder Eagle

2- Comstock/Butler Birdie

8-Wallace/Schaffer ACE!!

CTP: Sleeve of Balls

2- Quitiquit

8- Wallace (Ace)

15- Drevitch

17- Hill

Thank you all for playing! We look forward to hosting the best Senior Scramble in the state again next year! Stay tuned for next years start date!!

Thanks, Brian and Casey

Week: September 18 2023

Lots of great golf this week, and lots of tie breakers for low scores. Great Golfing Guys!

Here are all this weeks winners below.

Remember next week is the last Senior Scramble of 2023, and it is a 9:30 shotgun. Please plan on checking in by 9:10 so we can assign everyone their starting holes.

Thank You!

Prize Money $45 each
F9-Roberts/Bailey (31) tb#7
B9-Channell/Mathes (31) tb#18
TT-Butler/Willnow (63) tb #4
CN-Pelton/Nelson (70)
Skins $200
Zeller/West $67 #1
White/Effring $67 #11
Butler/Willnow $67 #13
CTP (Sleeve)

Week: Senior Scramble 9/11/2023

Thanks to all that played today! We had 64 players.

Congrats to all of our winners.

Prize Money $45 each
F9-Peters/Nelson 31
B9-Latka/Wilcox 31
TT-Lemanski/Saffron 65
CN-Wallace Pelham 71 TB
Skins $200
CTP (Sleeve)

Week: 8/28/2023

We had great weather for our 63 golfers this week! Thanks all for coming out.

Lots of Eagles this week that were rewarded with skins!

We are off for Labor Day next Monday. See You in 2 weeks!

Congrats to this weeks winners.

Prize Money $45 each
CN-Raymond/Rasmussen-70 tb on #4
Skins $200 pot $50 each
CTP (Sleeve)
8-Ish Picklesimer

Week: Senior Scramble August 21, 2023

Welcome back, it was a great day on the course. Congratulations to all the winners. See below for the results!

Prize Money

F9- Fox/Walke-31 (tb#5)




Skins ($67 Each)

Litteral/Frinkle- Eagle #1

Ladd/Sterling- Bridie #9

West/McConeghy- Eagle #16

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)



15- G. Jordan


Thank you to everyone who played this week. See you agian next week

Week: August 14 Senior Scramble 2023

We had 46 players this week. I guess a few guys were afraid of the weather forecast.

Thanks to those that showed up this week.

This weeks winners:

Prize Money $35 each
Skins $136 $27 each
CTP (Sleeve)
2- vandriessche
8- steve fox

See You all next Week. Thank You!

Week: Senior Scramble August 7th, 2023

Even with bad weather we had a great turnout and low scores. Congratulations to the winners this week. See below for the scores.

Prize Money $45

F9- Zeller/Kuhl 30

B9- Litteral/Frinkle 31 (TB #11)

Total- Zeller/Kuhl 63

Crows- Latka/Wilcox 70 (TB #11)

Skins 180 $90 Each

Hyde/Vandriessche- Eagle #1

Litteral/Frinkle- Eagle #18

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Kane

8- Wallace

15- Schock

17- Frinkle

Thank you to everyone that played this week! See you again on the 14th

Week: Senior Scramble July 31, 2023

Welcome back! It was a great morning for golf. We had a huge turnout of 68 players. It was also one of the lowest scoring weeks of the year, with the average being 69!

See below for the results

Prize Money $50

F9- Butler/Willnow 30

B9- Zeller/Quitiquit (tb #18) 31

Total- Butler/Willnow 62

Crows- Fox/Kentworthy (tb #4) 69

Skins $200 ($40 Each)

Roberts #1- Eagle #1

Jordan/Morrill- Eagle #5

Gunder/Beil- Birdie #10

Piscopink/Martin- Eagle #13

Zeller/Quitiquit-Eagle #16

CTP (Sleeve of Balls

2- Marvin

8- Todd Raechtz

15- Piscopink

17- Brockie

Thank you for playing, see you next week!

Week: July 24 2023

Nice weather again this week! We had 56 Golfers this week in our scramble.

Always nice to spread out the wealth.

Thanks all for playing. Results are below.

Prize Money $45 each
F9-Gunder/Sisson 31 (TB)
B9-Looper/Pond 30
Totals-Piscopink/Johnston 62
Crows-Drevitch/Duesing 71(tb)
Skins $160 $54 Each
1-Pond/Looper Eagle
3-Quitiquit/West Eagle
6-Elenbaas/Hill Eagle
CTP (Sleeve)
2-Dan Nowak

Week: Senior Scramble July 17, 2023

It was a beautiful day for golf. We had a total of 64 players in the field today. Congratulations to the winners this week. See below for the results.

Prize Money $50 Each

F9- Brayton/Andringa 31

B9- Fabian/Wolcott 31

Total- Brayton/Andringa 64

Crows- Reeve/Houspian 7

Skins $180 ($60 Each)

Wallace/Pelham Birdie #2

Wallace/Pelham Eagle #6

Litteral/Wordon Eagle #13

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Pelham

8- Lee Reeve

15- Cantu

17- Gunder

Well played this week. See you all again next week July 24th!

Week: July 10, 2023 Senior Scramble

Welcome Back! After a week off we had a huge turnout of 72 players. Thank you to everyone that participated this week! See below for the winners.

Prize Money $55 Each

F9-Piscopink/Johnston 29

B9-Raymond/Rasmussen 31 (TB on #11)

Totals-Piscopink/Johnston 63 (TB on #11)

Crows-Fugere/Snedeker 71 (TB on #11)

Skins $210: 5 Worth $42 Each

1-West/McConeghy Eagle

5-Pisopink/Johnston Eagle

6-Duesing/Pond Eagle

11-Raymond/Rasmussen Eagle

13-Litteral/Frinkle Eagle

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)

2-Mike Jordon


15-Jim Roberts

17-Jim Howe

Thank you to everyone who played this week. See you again next week!

Week: June 26 2023

Hey Guys! The bad weather brought down our numbers this week. Congratulations to those that stuck it out and finished despite the rain! Lots of winners this week. See below.

Prize Money $20 each
Front- 20 Pond/Looper 31
Back-20 Pond/Looper 32
total- 20 Pond/Looper 63
Crows- 20 Fox/Kenworthy 70 (tb)
Skins $80 8 skins worth $10
1- Eagle Pond Looper
4-Birdie Housepian Reeve
7-Birdie Fox/Kenworthy
9-Birdie Rollins/Dwyer
14- Birdie Housepian/Reeve
16- Birdie Pond/Looper
17-Birdie Rollins/Dwyer
18-Birdie Pond/Looper
CTP (Sleeve)
2- Foley
8- Mike Burtch
15- Riley Looper
17- Bobby Rollins

Week: June 19, 2023 Senior Scramble

It was a great day for golf and the scores sure did show it. We had another great turnout this week with 70 players.

This Weeks Winners:

Front- $50 Quitiquit/Piscopink 28

Back- $50 Litteral/Frinkle 31

total- $50 Quitiquit/Piscopink 61

crows- $50 Nelson/Peters 72

Skins $73 Each:

Brayton/Farrell 3 on 1

Burtch/Foley 3 on 4

Mitchell/Hardwick 2 on 5

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Litteral

8- Brayton

15- Lazebnik

17- Litteral

Thank you to everyone who played this week! See you again next monday!

Week: June 12, 2023 Senior Scramble

Although it was a bit chilly this morning, we still had a great turnout with 62 players!

This Weeks Winners:

Front 9- Brayton/Andringa 31 (tb #7) $45

Back 9- Zeck/McEldowney 33 (tb #18) $45

Total- Policht/Obey 64 $45

Crows- Burtch/Foley 72 (tb #2) $45

Skins $95 Each:

Policht/Obey Eagle #1

Fox/Uptigrove Birdie #15

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Frinkle

8- Hollandsworth

15- McEldowney

17- Riley/Looper

Thank you to everyone who played today! See you next week.

Week: June 5, 2023 Senior Scramble

Another nice turnout for this weeks senior scramble! We had 70 players, thank you.

This weeks winners:

Front 9- Fox/Optigrove 30 (tb hole #2) $55

Back 9- Butler/Peters 31 (tb hole #18) $55

Totals- Butler Peters 62 $55

Crows Nest- Brayton/Andringa 70 (tb hole #2) $55

Skins (3 worth $67 Each):

Policht/Obey Eagle on #1

Fox/Uptigtove Eagle on #6

Litteral/McConeghy Birdie on #10

CTP (Sleeve of balls):

2- Ed Wigley

8- Beil

15- Foley

17-Jim Roberts

Thanks all for playing! See you next week!

Week: May 22 2023

Another beautiful week for the Senior Scramble: Congratulations to Paul Coleman for his hole in one on #8. Amazing job!

Remember we are off next week for Memorial Day.

Senior Scramble winners:

Front 9- Butler/Comstock (30) TB Hole #9 $55

Back 9- Faust/Willnow (32) TB Hole #11 $55

Totals- Faust/Willnow (64) TB Hole #11 $55

Crows nest- Pelham/Wallace (71) TB Hole #10 $55


West/McConeghy- Birdie 3 on Hole #4 worth $73

Pert/Coleman- Hole in one on #8 worth $73

Oz/SS- Eagle 3 on Hole #13 worth $73

Closest to the Pin: Worth a sleeve of balls:

2- Ladd

8- Paul Coleman (Hole in One)

15- Marker was erased/Please help

17- Wallace

Week: May 15, 2023

It was a great day on the course this morning. We had 66 people in the Senior Scramble this week!

Winners were:

Front 9- Butler/Peters 32 (50$)

Back 9- Litteral/Frinkle 31 (50$)

Total- Litteral/Frinkle 64 (50$)

Crows Nest- Roberts/Wilson 71 ($50)

3 skins worth $67

Birdie #2 Roberts/Wilson

Eagle #6 Zeller/West

Eagle #10 Gunder/Sisson

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Bacon

8- Urynowicz

15- Hardwick

17- Fugere

Week: May 8 Senior Scramble

Finally the weather allowed us to get in our first Senior Scramble! We had 66 players today.

Weekly Winners:

We had a clean sweep by Quitiuit and Pavlek with 30-30-60 (Great playing guys) They won $150 for their efforts.

Crows nest: $50 Butler Wilson (71) T.B.


We only had 1 skin by Willnow and Peters on hole #5 with an eagle 2. Worth $200.

CTP: (Sleeve of Balls)



15-E. Beer

17- Foley

Thanks guys! Looking forward to a great year.

Week: September 26 2022

We had 64 players for our final Senior Scramble of 2022. Thank You for participating this season. We almost beat the rain, but everyone was still able to finish their rounds. We had some very good scores again.

This Weeks Winners:

Front 9 Winners: Policht/West (30) t.b. $45

Back 9 Winners: Policht/West (32) t.b. $45

Totals: Policht/West (62) t.b. $45

Crows Nest: Comstock/Marvin (71) $45

Skins: 3 worth $133 Each

1- Butler Willnow Eagle

7-Uranowicz/Guest Eagle

16- Zeller/Quitiquit Eagle

CTP: (Sleeve of Balls)





Thank you everyone for playing all season. We look forward to seeing you all in our Senior Scramble again next year!


Week: September 19 2022

We had 70 players for this week's senior scramble. Thank you! Skins are a carryover so you will want to play next week! Remember next week is a 9:30 shotgun for all, followed by a luncheon after. Please arrive by 9:10 to get assigned your starting hole.

This weeks winners:

Front 9- Horstman/Davis $50 (30)

Back 9- Bacon/Waisanen $50 (30)

Totals- Bacon/Waisanen $50 (62)

Crows Nest- West/McConeghy $50 (70)


No skins. $180 in skins will carryover to next week!

CTP Winners (Sleeve of balls):





Thanks! Don't forget next week is our final scramble of the season, and it is a shotgun start at 9:30. Please arrive early to check in.

Week: September 12 2022

56 Players on this chilly Fall morning. Thank You.

This weeks winners:

Front 9: Waisanen/Johnston $40 (30 TB)

Back 9: Strong/Policht $40 (31)

Totals: Waisanen/Johnston $40 (62)

Crows Nest: Elfring/McConeghy $40 (70)

4 Skins worth $45 each:

#1- Quitiquit/Lazebnik Eagle

#5- Zeck/McEldowney Eagle

#10-Horstman/Davis Birdie

#13- Fisher/Sprague Eagle






Thanks for playing guys! 1 more regular scramble next week, then a shotgun start at 9:30 in 2 weeks followed by our appreciation luncheon. September 26th will be our last Senior Scramble of the year.

Week: August 29

Sorry for the delay! We had 60 players wait out the rain on Monday morning to play. Thank you.

This weeks winners:

Front 9: Frinkle/Bob $45

Back 9: Zeller/Litteral $45

Totals: Zeller/Litteral $45

Crows Nest: Beer/Beer $45

Skins (2)

#7 Zeck/McEldowney $90 Eagle

#10 Strong/Obey $90 Eagle

CTP: Sleeve of Balls





Remember we are off next Monday for Labor Day, but we will be back at it on the 12th of September!


Week: August 22/2022

We had 64 Players this week. Thank you!

This weeks winners:

Front 9: Roberts/Rich K 30 $45

Back 9: Wallace/Pelham 29 $45

Totals: Wallace/Pelham 62 (TB) $45

Crows Nest: Cotter/Vitale 70 $45

Skins: 4 worth $50 Each:

#1 Zeller/Quitiquit

#6 Policht/West

#8 Jordan/Morrill

#13 Zeller/Quitiquit

(Special shoutout to Frinkle/Litteral and Drevitch/Duesing. Both teams holed out for eagle on #16, unfortunately they cut each other.)

CTP: Sleeve of Balls:





Thanks Guys! See ya next week!

Week: August 15 Senior Scramble

We had 66 players today. Thank You!

This weeks winners with a sweep:

Litteral/Frinkle 30-32-62 For $150

Crows Nest: Reeve/Housepian- 71 $50

Just 1 Skin worth $200:

11- Beer/Turner (Birdie)

Closest to the Pin: (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Litteral

8- Urynowicz


17- Nelson

Thanks for playing guys! See you next week!

Week: August 8 2022

46 golfers waited out the rain today. Thank you!

This weeks winners:

Front 9- Obey/Policht (30) $35

Back 9- West/McConeghy (31) $35

Totals- Policht/Obey (63) TB $35

Crows Nest- (69) Gunder/Grier $35

Skins ($70 Each)

5- Brockie/Carpenter Eagle

10-West McConeghy Eagle

CTP: Sleeve of Balls:

2- McConeghy

8- Carpenter

15- Roberts

17- Looper

See you next week!

Week: August 1 2002

We had 68 golfers today. Thanks Guys!

This weeks winners:

Front 9-Pond/Pritt 31 (T.B.) $50

Back 9- Quitiquit/Bitters 29 $50

Totals: Quitiquit/Bitters 61 (T.B.) $50

Crows Nest: McEldowney/Turner 70 (T.B.) $50

Skins (2) Worth $105 each

8-Wallace Pelham- Birdie

13- Johnston/Lazebnik- Eagle

Closest To The Pin: (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Rasmussen




Thanks Guys! See you next week!

Week: July 25 2022

Another big field this week. We had an amazing day for this weeks senior scramble. The great weather resulted in 83 players, which means bigger payouts.

This weeks winners with a clean sweep (F9, B9, and totals): Coughlin and Fuller: 29-31-60 for a total of $180

Crows Nest: Lightner and McAtee with a 71 ($60)


Just one skin this week with an amazing eagle on hole 13. Policht and obey (Worth $260)

CTP: (Sleeve of Balls)


8- Carpenter

15- Housepian

17- Comstock

Thanks so much everyone, Hope to see you all next week.

Week: Senior Scramble July 18 2022

We had 58 players this week.

This weeks winners:

Front 9: West/Litteral 32 $40

Back 9: Strong/Curry 31 $40

Totals: Strong/Curry 64 $40

Crows Nest: Hill/Marsh 71 $40

Skins: 5 worth $37

3-Paszkiet/Beer Eagle

6-Drevitch/Schaefer Eagle

8-Reeve/Housepian Birdie

10-Wollett/Reed Birdie

13- Wollett/Reed Eagle

CTP; (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Bammer



17- Bammer

Thanks to all our players! See you next week!

Week: July 11 2022

We had 78 seniors this week! Thank you!

This weeks winners:

Front 9- Gunder/Sisson 30 $55

Back 9- Kennedy/Roberts 33(tb) $55

Totals- Sanderson/Pfeiffle 65 (tb) $55

Crows Nest 72 (tb) $55

Skins: (2 worth $125 each)

5- Eagle 3 Kenworthy/Fox

6- Eagle 3 Coughlin/Fuller

Closest to the pin: (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Brayton

8- Butler


17- Brayton

See you next week! thanks again!

Week: June 27 2022

82 Seniors this week! Thank you again Guys!

We are off next week for the Holiday so see you in 2 weeks.

This weeks winners:

Front 9 ($60)- Sanderson/Pfeiffle 30

Back 9 ($60)- Butler/Peters 30

Totals ($60)- Butler/Peters 62

Crows Nest ($60)- Carpenter/Ladd 72

Skins: $83 each

Hole 4- McEldowney/Jayne- Birdie

Hole 5- Beer Boys -Eagle

Hole 13- Gunder/Sisson- Eagle

Closest to the pin: (Sleeve of balls)

2- Sisson




Week: June 20th

The weather wasn't the only thing heating up this week at our Senior Scramble. Some great scores here! We also had 84 players this week. Thank You!

This weeks winners:

Totals: Pond/Looper 59 $63

Front 9: Pond/Looper 28 $63

Back 9: Zeller/Quitiquit 31 $63

Crows Nest: Jones/Pepse 71 $63

Skins: 1 worth $250

Housepian/Sweet #13 $250- Nice Eagle Guys!

Closest to Pin: (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Fox




Thanks Guys! See you next week!

Week: June 13 2022

Wow 85 Seniors this week! Thank you!

Just one skin.

This weeks winners:

Totals: $65- 64 (T.B.) Zeller/Quitiquit

Front 9: $65-32 (T.B.) Pond/Looper

Back 9: $65- 30 Zeller/Quitiuit

Crows Nest: $65- 72 (T.B) Mitchell/Hardwick


1- Hole 1 (Eagle worth $260) Paul/Faulk

Closest to the Pin: (Sleeve of Balls)





See you all next week!

Week: Monday June 6th

We had another great field for this weeks senior scramble! 80 players. Thank you!

This week's winners:

Front 9- Litteral/Frinkle- 29 (tb) $60

Back 9- Hollandsworth/Picklesimer- 30 $60

Totals- Hollandsworth/Picklesimer- 59 $60

Crows Nest- Murray/Nitty - 74 (t.b.) $60


1-Hyde/VanDriessche Eagle- $57

2-Frinkle/Litteral Birdie- $57

6-Frinkle/Litteral Eagle- $57

13-Camalo/Thomas Eagle- $57

CTP: (Sleeve of Balls)





Week: May 23 2022

We had 78 players today for our Senior Scramble! Thank you! Remember next week is off due to Memorial Day.

This weeks winners:

Front 9- Wallace/Pelham 32 (t.b) ($60)

Back 9- Elenbaas/Mitchell 31 ($60)

Totals- Elenbaas/Mitchell 64 ($60)

Crows Nest- Peters/Nelson (t.b #9) ($60)


1-Wilcox/Latka Eagle ($113) Eagle

11-Brockie/Carpenter ($113) Eagle

14-Butler/Willnow ($113) Eagle

18- Wallace/Pelham ($113) Birdie

Closest to the Pin: (sleeve of balls)

2- Strong

8- Latka

15- Wilcox

17- Brockie

We will see you in 2 weeks (June 6th) as we are off for Memorial Day.

Week: May 16th

We had 74 players again this week! Thanks Guys! After a scoring error it was determined that there was actually 1 skin won by the Wallace/Pelham team on hole #4 with a birdie. We will however still do the carryover, and pay the skin to the rightful winners as it was our mistake.

This weeks winners:

Front 9: Wallace/Pelham 30 (tb) $55

Back 9: Strong/Obey 31 $55

Totals: West/McConeghy 63 $55

Crows Nest: Hill/Elenbaas 72 (tb) $55


Wallace/Pelham Skin on Hole #4 with a birdie- $225

CTP: (Sleeve of balls)

2- Pelham

8- Foley


17- Miller

We expect a great field again next week! Thanks guys!

Week: May 9th

Wow! 74 golfers for this weeks Scramble. Sorry for the delay in posting the results.

This weeks winners with a clean sweep.

Front 9- Waisanen/Bacon- 31 $55

Back 9- Waisanen/Bacon- 31 $55

Totals- Waisanen/Bacon- 62 $55

Crows Nest- Hill Mitchell- 73 $55

Skins: Worth $75 Each

1- Sanderson Pfeiffle with an Eagle 3

3- Waisanen/Bacon with an Eagle 2

11- Waisanen/Bacon with a Birdie 3

Closest to the Pin (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Reed



17- Pelton

Thanks guys! See you next week!

Week: Senior Scramble May 2nd 2022

We had 64 Seniors this morning brave another cold Senior Scramble. Thank you!

This weeks winners:

Front 9- Quitiquit/West-32 TB($50)

Back 9- Quitiquit/West-31 ($50)

Totals- Quitiquit/West-63 ($50)

Crows Nest- Wilcox/Wilcox-74 TB($50)

Skins: (4 each worth $46)

1-Sanderson/Pfeiffle- (Eagle 3)

2-Morrill/Jordan- (Birdie 2)

9-Quitiquit/West- (Birdie 2)

11- Pelton/Pelton- (Birdie 3)

(We actually had 2 eagles on hole #5 (a par 4) this week...bad luck)

Closest to Pin: (Sleeve of balls)

2- Foley

8- Frinkle


17- Frinkle

Let's hope for some warmer weather next week!

Week: 4/25/2022

It was great to see so many seniors back this week despite the questionable weather! What a great start to the season as Mr. Tittler made a Hole in one on #8. We had 48 players today.

This weeks winners were:

Front 9- Gunder/Harrah (31) $35

Back 9- West/Quitiquit (29) $35

Totals- West/Quitiquit (62) $35

Crows nest- Rasmussen/Raymond (72) $35


#8- Hole in one Tittler/Kloack

#15- Birdie 2 Sanderson Pfeiffle

CTP: (Sleeve of balls)

2- Foley




Week: September 27 2021

Our Final Senior Scramble of the season is in the books! We had a great turnout of 62 players on a beautiful day. Thank you! We are already looking forward to next years senior scramble which will start on April 18 2022.

This weeks winners:

Front 9- Gant Policht with a 30 ($45)

Back 9- Mitchell/Elenbaas with a 32 ($45)

Totals- West/Quitiquit with a 63 ($45)

Crows Nest- Hill/Hardwick with a 71 ($45)


We had just 1 skin by Franceour/ Comstock on hole #13 with an eagle ($190)


2- Bob Foley

5- Mitchell


17- Zech

Thanks Guys! Have a nice off season.


Week: September 20 2021

We had 44 players beat the rain this week. Just in time.

This weeks winners:

Front 9: Roberts Kennedy with an AMAZING 28. $30

Back 9: Nelson Peters 33 $30

Totals: Roberts/Kennedy 63 $30

Crows Nest: Wallace Phelam 71 $30

Skins were a carryover totaling $324. Making each skin worth $54

1- Roberts/Kennedy -Eagle

6- West/Litteral- Eagle

11-Housepian/Gant -Birdie

15- Adkins/Holmes- Birdie

17-Davis/Franceour- Birdie

18- Beer/Paszkiet- Birdie

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Hardwick

8- Housepian

15- Brockie

17- G. Davis

Thanks so much! Our final Scramble is next week. Remember it is a shotgun start at 10:00 AM with an appreciation luncheon after! See you all then!

Week: September 13

We had a nice turnout this week 64 players! I made a mistake and accidently erased the CTP when I thought they were recorded. Please help me out here...

It was a clean sweep for Zeller/Quitiquit this week. Good playing guys!

Skins are a carryover! Bring your A Game next week

This weeks winners:

($50) Front nine- Zeller/Quitiquit (31)

($50) Back nine- Zeller/Quitiquit (30)

($50) Totals- Zeller/Quitiquit (61)

($50) Crows Nest-Beer Boys (71)

Skins: Carryover! ($180)

Closest to the pin: (We accidently erased the boards. Please help us out here)

(Sleeve of Balls)





Next week will be regular tee times followed by a shotgun on our final week (September 27 10:00 AM)

Week: August 30

We had 59 players this week. Thank you!

This Weeks Winners:

Front 9- $43- Zech/Paszkiet (29)

Back 9- $43- Policht/Obey (31 t.b.)

Totals- $43- Litteral/Channel (64t.b.)

Crows Nest- $43- Roberts/DuRussel (71 t.b)

Skins: ($90 each)

1-Policht/Obey Eagle

4- Litteral/Channel Birdie





17- Gant

Remember no scramble next Monday due to the Labor Day Holiday. The last 3 scrambles will be September 13, 20 and 27th. the 27th will be a shotgun start at 10:00 with a luncheon to follow.


Week: August 23

We had 72 players this week! Thank you.

This weeks Winners:

$55- Front Nine- Butler/Nelson (28)

$55- Back Nine- Mitchell/Hill (32)

$55- Totals- Butler/Nelson (61)

$55- Crows- Marvin/Risner (71)

Skins: (2) $106 Each

#2- Brockie/Carpenter- Birdie

#6-Zeller/Forche- Eagle

CTP: (Sleeve of Balls)

2- Brockie



17- Zech

We will see you all next week! Thanks!

Week: August 16

We had a wild Senior Scramble today! Another first....2 hole in ones.

Congrats to both Eddie Beer (#8), and Mike Houghton (#15) on their Aces today!

This weeks winners:

Front 9: Beer Boys 31 ($40)

Back 9: Raetz/ Cullin 31 ($40)

Totals: Brayta/Martin 65 ($40)

Crows Nest: Humphrey/James 72 ($40)

Skins: $30 each:

#8- Beer Boys (Ace)

#10- Zeller/West (Eagle)

#15-Houghton/Markowski (Ace)

#16-Cullin/Raetz (Eagle)

#18- Brayta/Martin (Birdie)

CTP: Sleeve of Balls

2- Foley

8-E. Beer (Ace)

15-Houghton (Ace)


Thanks Guys see you next week!

Week: August 9 Senior Scramble

We had 63 players this week, and a lot of different people found a way to win. 13 people won money or a sleeve of balls. Way to spread out the wealth guys!

This weeks winners:

Totals: Andrews/Beurman 63 ($50)

Front 9: Quitiquit/Bitters 29 (tb) ($50)

Back 9: Hollandsworth/Ish 31 (tb) ($50)

Crows:Paszkiet/B.Beer 70 ($50)

Skins: ($100) each

Gant/Rasmussen- Eagle on #3

Hollandsworth/Ish- Eagle on #13

Closest to the pin (Sleeve of balls)





Thanks guys see you next week!

Remember our Scramble runs all the way till September 27th. The 27th will be a 10:00 shotgun start with an appreciation lunch following. (We will be off for Labor Day)

Week: August 2nd

This weeks Scramble had 57 players. Thank you!

This weeks winners were Mitchell/VanSchoick, they shot an amazing 29 on the front 9, which lead to a nice victory.

Front 9: Mitchell/VanSchoick (29) $43

Back 9: Housepian/Reeve (31) $43

Totals: Mitchell/VanSchoick (62) $43

Crows Nest: Carpenter/Ladd (71) $43 (Tiebreaker #2)

Skins: Just one skin this week. A birdie on hole #18 by Carpenter/Ladd for $170. Nice job guys.

CTP: (Sleeve of balls)





Thanks everyone! Hope to see you all next week!

Week: July 26th Senior Scramble

Awesome turnout this week! 84 players, and the weather did not disappoint. Thanks to all that played!

This weeks winners:

Front 9 ($60)- Gunder/Grier 30

Back 9 ($60) Strong/Policht 29

Totals: ($60) Strong/Policht 62 (Won on the 6th tiebreaker! Hole #18)

Crows Nest: ($60) Humphrey/Pelton 70


Just 1 skin this week (A nice consolation on losing a scorecard playoff with a 62)

West/Zeller (Hole #16) Eagle $265

CTP: (Sleeve of Balls)





See you all next Monday!

Week: July 19th

This week we had 60 Seniors participate in our Scramble. Thank you.

Winners: Some Great rounds today! We had a 59 and a 60

Front 9: ($45) Wollett/Reed (29)

Back 9: ($45) West/Lazebnik (29)

Totals: ($45) West/Lazebnik (59)

Crows: ($45) James/Humphrey (70)


(1) Skin on hole #2. Wollett and Reed Chipped in for a birdie, and it held up! ($180)

Closest to the pin (Sleeve of Balls)

2-E. Beer

8- Sitek


17-Van Driessche

Week: July 12th Senior Scramble

We had 62 seniors this week. Thank you! We also had a first as a team of 2 ladies won a skin this week with an eagle on #6 (Crabtree/Cohrs)


Clean Sweep: (F9,B9,Totals)

F9- (32) Camalo/Grambeau (Tb) $45

B9-(31) Camalo/Grambeau $45

Totals-(63) Camalo/Grambeau $45

Crows Nest-(71) James/Murphy $45


#6 Crabtree/Cohrs-(Eagle) $95

#12 McAtee/Leightner (Eagle) $95

CTP: (Sleeve of balls)


8-E. Beer


17- Beer

Thanks for playing! See you next week.

Week: July 5 Senior Scramble

We had several seniors play in todays senior scramble despite the Holiday weekend! Thank you guys.

This weeks winners:

Front 9: Johnston/Dake- 31 TB $40

Back 9: Kennedy/Wallace- 31 TB $40

Totals: Johnston/Dake-63 TB $40

Crows Nest: Hardwick/King-70 TB $40

Skins (4 worth $41 each)

#2 Johnston/Dake Birdie

#4 Johnston/Dake Birdie

#6 Johnston/Dake Eagle

#12 Policht/Quitiquit Eagle

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)




17- Quitiquit

Great week for Mr. Johnston and Mr. Dake! Congratulations!

Week: June 28th

What a week! We had 88 Players. Another record for our scramble. The Carryover has finally come to an end. We had a whopping $920 skins pot, and 4 skins worth $230 each!

This weeks winners:

Front 9: ($65)- Sanderson/Pfeiffle 29

Back 9: ($65) Zeller/Quitiquit 30

Totals: ($65) Wollett/Reed 62 (First TB hole #4)

Crows Nest: ($65) Burtch/Cantu 70

Skins ($230 Each)

1) Eagle- Nelson/Peters

2) Birdie- Brockie/Carpenter

7) Eagle- Sanderson/Pfeiffle

18) Eagle- Wollett/Reed

Closest to the Pin(Sleeve of Balls)

2- Carlson




Thanks Guys we will see you all July 5th!

Week: June 21

Another Record....77 players in this weeks scramble!

This weeks winners:

Front 9: Butler/Willnow with a 30. (T.B. on hole #2) -$55

Back 9: Camalo/Grambeau with a 29 -$55

Totals: Camalo/Grambeau with a 61 -$55

Crows Nest: Mitchell/Hardwick with a 70 (T.B. on hole #2) -$55

CTP: (Sleeve of Balls)






Thanks for playing. See you next week. June 28th.

Just a reminder that we will have our Senior Scramble on Monday July 5th.

Week: June 14th

What a Senior Scramble! We had another great turnout of 74 players.

This weeks winners:

Front 9: Bacon/Waisanan with a 29 (T.B.) $55

Back 9: Horstman/Mitchell with a 32 (T.B.) $55

Totals: Camalo/Grambeau with a 62 (T.B) $55

Crows Nest: Strong/Barenfanger with a 69 (T.B.) $55

Closest to the Pin: (Sleeve of Balls)

2) Waisanan (Ace)

8- Grambeau




There was only one skin, an amazing hole in one on #2 by Waisanan and Bacon. It was worth $420 with the carryover. Great shot Mel.

(I want to be completely transparent: I do my best to pair up 2-somes, and I was unable to do this today with the Waisanan/Bacon Group. I am confident after talking with other guests that this hole in one was legit, but since all other holes were cut, and it took an amazing hole in one to win the skin we have decided to also carryover the $420 skins money to next week (on top of paying Waisanan and Bacon for this week), which should make next weeks skins pot worth over $600! I really just want to be as fair to everyone as possible.)

Thanks Guys! See you next week

Week: June 7th

Another Great turnout for our senior scramble. Thanks for your patience on these results as I was gone yesterday.

This weeks winners:

Totals: Litteral/Frinkle 62 (Tiebreak hole #4) $50

Front 9: Litteral/Frinkle 29 $50

Back 9: Butler/Peters 30 $50

Crows Nest: Wallace/Pelham 70 (Tiebreak) $50

CTP: (Sleeve of balls)

2- Roberts




And Skins are a CARRYOVER! There will be an extra $220 in Next weeks skins pot!

Thanks Guys, See you next week!

Week: May 24th

Wow! Record numbers this week. Thank you to all 76 Seniors that played today! Bigger field equals BIGGER payouts.


F9-Quitiquit/Policht 32 (t.b) $55

B9- Hollandsworth/Ish 30 $55

Totals- Hollandsworth/Ish 62 $55

Crows Nest- Butler/Nelson 71 $55

(5 way tie went all the way to the 7th hole tiebreak)


1-Quitiquit/Policht-Eagle on 1 worth $118

2-Foley/Burtch- Birdie on #2 worth $118

CTP: (Sleeve of Balls)

2 - T. Smith

8- T. Litteral

15- M. Policht

17- T. Hollandsworth

Week: May 17th

Awesome turnout this week guys! We had 70 players

This weeks winners:

F9-Gunder/Paul 31 (T.B.) $50

B9-Policht/Strong 30 $50

Totals-Zech/Paszkiet $50

Crows Nest- Nelson/Comstock (T.B) $50


2-Fox/Kenworthy Birdie-$110

13-Hill/Hardwick Eagle-$110

CTP: (Sleeve of Balls)





Way to spread out the winnings Guys!

Week: May 10 Senior Scramble

Wow 58 Players today. Great field for a cool day. We had 2 teams fail to turn in their card. Please remember to turn them in as it can effect the Crows Nest Result, even if you don't think you will win anything.


Totals: Willbee/E. Beer 66 T.B ($43)

Front 9: Willbee/E. Beer 32 T.B.($43)

Back 9: Holandsworth/Ish 32 ($43)

Crows Nest: Palmer Booth 72 ($43)

Skins: $44 each

2- Fox/Kenworthy

4-Fabian Grugel


17- Cullin Raehtz

CTP: Sleeve of Balls





Thanks Guys!

Week: April 26th Senior Scramble

Pretty cold this morning, but we still had 40 brave golfers this morning test the British Open Conditions.

Thanks Guys! Love seeing you all back.


Totals- Zeller/Quitiquit- 64 $30

Front 9- Horstman/Faust- 30 $30

Back 9- Zeller/Quitiquit- 31 $30

Crows Nest- Beer/Beer 74 $30 (5th TB)

Skins: $24 Each

5) Zech/Davenport-2



13) Butler/Willnow-3

15) Franceour/Comstock-2

CTP: Sleeve of Balls





Week: April 19 Senior Scramble

The first Senior Scramble of the year was today, and conditions seemed to make it pretty tough. Fast greens and wind made it a challenge for everyone! Thanks to the 36 guys that played today!

Winners were:

totals: Paul/Gunder with a 67 ($27)

front 9: Franceour/Miller 31($27)

back 9: Roberts/Pat D 32 ($27)

Crows Nest: Zech/Davenport with a 72 ($27)

7 Skins worth $15 Each


4-Roberts/Pat D






CTP (Sleeve of Balls)





Week: September 28

Thanks to everyone that played in our Final Senior Scramble for the year!

Despite some adverse weather we still had 48 players. It was great to see the numbers rise for this event this year. Happy to say that the price will remain at $30 for next year, and $10 for members. Lets fill this up next year!

This weeks winners:

Totals: Paige/Fedea: 63 ($35) T.B. on 2nd playoff hole

Front 9: Zech/Paszkiet 31 ($35) T.B. on first playoff hole

Back 9: Paige/Fedea 31 ($35) T.B. on 1st playoff hole

Crows Nest: Wallace/Pelham 72 ($35)


1)Kosmedes/Archibald (eagle) $50

2)Paige/Fedea (Birdie) $50

11) Paige/Fedea (Birdie) $50

Closest to the Pin (Sleeve of balls):





The first Senior Scramble for 2021 is scheduled for Monday May 3rd. Hope to see you all happy and healthy again next season!

Week: September 21

This weeks winners: with an impressive 62! Frinkle/Literell-$45

Front 9- Beer/Paszkiet with a 30 -$45 (TB)

Back 9- Frinkle/Literell with a 32- $45

Crows Nest- Hill/Mitchell 70-$45 (TB)






Skins: 3 worth $121 each

7-Frinkle/Literell with an Eagle 2

15-Beer/Paszkiet with a birdie 2

17-Pat/Biel with a birdie 2

Don't forget our Final scramble of the year is a 10:00 shotgun start next week!

Week: September 14

We had another nice field this week. 62 players, and another new twosome were winners.


Totals: Paige/Fedea-61 $45

Front Nine: Zeller/May-30 $45

Back Nine: Paige/Fedea-31 $45

Crows Nest: Pelton/Dake-70 $45 (3rd hole tb)

Closest to the Pin winners (sleeve of balls):





Skins Pot of $190 will be a carryover to next week as there were no skins won. Get your team signed up!

Remember next week we are doing tee times for the scramble, but on the 28th it will be a shotgun start at 10:00 AM with an appreciation luncheon to follow. Make sure to sign up for both weeks if you want to play.

Week: August 30 2020

Awesome! We had 74 seniors today. That is the most we have had since I have been at Calderone. Remember we are off next week for the Holiday, but we will run thru September with our final scramble coming September 28th! September 28th will be a 10:00 shotgun start followed by our free appreciation luncheon to follow.

This weeks winners

Totals: Bitters/Quitiquit with a 65. T.B. ($55)

Front nine: Elenbaus/Hill with a 31 ($55)

Back nine: Wallace/Pelham with a 32 ($55)

Crows Nest:Beer/Marlowe with a 70 ($55)


3 worth $72 each

birdie on #2 (Elenbaas and Hill)

Eagle on #5 (Stinson and Ott)

Eagle on #6 (Quitiuit and Bitters)


2-Ed Beer

8-Pete C.



Week: Senior Scramble 8/24/2020

Thanks Guys! Had some first time winners for the season today! Elenbaas won a CTP, skin and totals(with a little help from George Mitchell) Great job guys! We will call that the trifecta!

This weeks winners:

Front Nine: Elenbaas/Mitchell-30 ($30)

Back Nine: Gant/Rasmussen-33 (2 hole t.b.)($30)

Totals: Elenbaas/Mitchell-65 ($30)

Crows Nest: Roberts/Bailey-69 ($30)

Skins: (3 worth $44 each)

Vitale/Cotter birdie on #17

Elenbaas/Mitchell birdie on #14

Zeck/Paszkiet Eagle on #1

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)





Week: 8/17/20

Thanks everyone! We had 48 players this week!


Totals-Zeller/Policht-61 $36

Front 9- Brockie/Carpenter-31 (TB) $36

Back 9- Zeller/Policht- 29 $36

Crows Nest- McAtee/Leightner- 69 (TB) $36


(2 worth $72 each)

1- Eagle Sandersn/Pfeiffle

6-Eagle Brockie/Carpenter

CTP: (Sleeve of balls)





Week: August 10

We welcomed 40 players today, with the highlight being Mike Carpenter making his first hole in one on #15! Congrats Mike, it did hold up for closest to the pin, and win you a skin!


Curry/Strong swept the field this week winning front 9 (t.b. 31), back 9 (t.b 32) and totals (63) for a total of $90.

Drake/Dach won the crows nest with a 70 for $30.


Well we surely spread out the wealth yesterday with skins. We had a total of 8 skins making them worth $15 each.

1-Sanderson/Pfeiffle eagle

2-Pelham/Wallace birdie

5-Fox/Fabian Eagle (Nice drive Bob!)

8-Drake/Dach birdie

9-Reed/Coach Sternburgh birdie

11-Sanderson/Pfeiffle birdie

12-Policht/Quitiquit birdie

15- Brockie/Carpenter WITH AN ACE!

Closest to pin:





Week: August 3

This week we had some new winners:

Totals were won by "newbies" Beil and Kane with a 66. ($35) Policht and Strong carded an impressive 61, but were not eligible due to the fact that they have already won together twice.

Front 9 (30) and back 9(31) were won by Strong and Policht. ($35 and $35)

Crows nest was won by "newbies" Newsome and Drake with a 72. ($35)


Just one skin today with a birdie on #9 Biel and Kane. Worth $138!






Glad to see some new faces this week! Thanks Guys

Week: July 27

Another amazing performance this week...Policht and Strong shot a 27 on the front in route to an amazing 58 this week total.


Front Nine- Policht/Strong- 27 ($33)

Back Nine- Camalo/Grambeau- 31 t.b. ($33)

Totals- Policht/Strong- 58 ($33)

Crows Nest-McEldowney/Beer- 70 t.b. ($33)

CTP (sleeve of balls)

2- Dake



17- Willnow

3 Skins this week worth $44 each

#4- Strong/Policht with a birdie

#7- Strong/Policht with an eagle

#10- Pelton/Dake with a birdie on the tough middle pin placement

Thanks guys! See you next week!

Week: July 20th

Another nice week! Sorry for the delay in results...

This weeks winners on a tiebreaker were Roberts and Booth with a 64

Front nine winners on a tiebreak were Camaleo and Grambeau with a 31

Back nine winners were Brockie and Carpenter with a 31

Crows nest was won by Uptigrove and Ron on a tiebreak with a 70

2 skins this week worth $66 each

#2 Birdie Roberts/Booth

#6 Eagle Hardwick/Hill

CTP won a sleeve of balls


8-Cotter/Vitale pd


17- Booth

Thanks Guys! See you next week.

Week: July 13 Scramble

What a great round by West and Zeller! They swept the field today for front, back and totals. with a 28-31-59. ($112.50)

Crows Nest was won by Uptigrove and Shaver with a 72 ($37.50)

2 skins were won worth $75 each.

#10- West/Zeller (birdie)

#18- Butler/Willnow (birdie)

CTP were worth a sleeve of balls each.





Week: July 6

Another hot week!

This weeks winners

F9-Quitiquit/Wiley 30 (TB) $36

B9-Brockie/Carpenter 32 (TB) $36

Totals-Quitiquit/Wiley 62 $36

Crows Nest- Palmer/Jones 69 (TB) $36

1 skin on #11 worth $144. Congratulations Roberts and DuRussel.

(There were no birdies on the 10th hole a par 5) That pin was tough!

Closest to the pin was worth a sleeve of Balls





Week: June 29 Senior Scramble

This weeks winners (Spread out the wealth)

Front 9- Hardwick/Hill 30 (TB) $30

Back 9- Elenbaas/Vanderveen 31 (TB)$30

Totals- Piscopink/Johnson 61 $30

Crows Nest- Backiel/Waisanen- 69 (TB) $30


15-Beer/ Paszkiet (Birdie) $40

16-Piscopink/Johnston (Eagle) $40

17- Backiel/Waisanen (Birdie) $40

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)


8-K. Thomas



Thanks Guys! It was great having you here today. See you next Monday!!

Week: June 22nd

We had some great weather for todays scramble, and even some better scores! We had a total of 6 different holes eagled, and all but one of them held up for a skin.

Skins (Worth $67 each due to the carryover)





18-Willnow Peters

(All of these were eagles)

1 was cut, as 2 groups made eagle there.


Front 9 Jones/Pease (30) $42

Back 9 Quitiquit/LaZabnik (29) $42

Totals Quitiquit/Lazebnik (61) $42

Crows nest Housepian/Reeve (69) $42

Closest to the Pin (sleeve of balls)





Thanks Guys! See you next week!

Week: June 15

June 15th Results

Winners- $42 Policht/Strong-65

Front 9- $42 Camalo/Greg- 31

Back 9- $42 Policht/Strong-32

Crows Nest-$42 Cotter/Vitale- 71 (Tiebreak)

Skins- No skins $168 Carryover next week!

CTP (Sleeve of Balls)





Thanks, see you next week for the carryover!

Week: June 8th


Total- Zeller/Quitiqut- 64 ($32)

Front 9- McAtee/Leightner-31 ($31)

Back 9- Zeller/Quitiquit- 31 ($31)

Crows Nest- Paszkiet/Fred ($32)


Sleeve of Balls






#13 Mitchell/Hill $42 (Eagle)

#15 Dake/Pelton $42 (Birdie)

#18 Wallace/Pehlam $42 (Birdie)

Thanks Guys! Please call for a tee time next week

Week: June 1st

Glad to have everyone back!


Front 9-Faust/ Horstman (TB) 31 $33

Back 9-Waisanen/ May (TB) 33 $33

Totals- Waiseanen/May (TB) 64 $33

Crows Nest- Dake/Pelton (TB) 71 $33


#4 Hill/Hardwick-$44

#9 Faust/Horstman-$44

#13 May/Waisanen $44

CTP- sleeve of balls




17 Booth

See you next week!